Hospital Curtain

Winshade by Windoway Trading, Inc. doesn’t only offer interior design solutions but is a healthcare provider through its anti-bacterial curtains. We are one of the leading suppliers of hospital curtains here in the Philippines.

They are not only specialized for hospital cubicles but can also be used as clinic curtains, hospital drapes, examination room curtains, and private room curtains.


  • Certified Anti-bacterial curtain to avoid virus and infection from spreading.
  • Fire Retardant.

These hospital curtains are also considered healthcare providers and anti-bacterial curtains for they relieve stress and give patients a peaceful stay in the hospital, picked with mild and relaxing colors for their fast recovery.​

These medical curtains’ primary purpose is to provide privacy to the patient and prevent infection from spreading. Our products are manufactured safely and smart, checked before their usage to ensure that they will provide safety to medical facilities. It is also a fire retardant in anticipation of any fire incidents.


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